Kyoto, Japan

Nature in Kyoto during Autumn is just something else. Wherever you turn your head there’s a painting waiting to be made. Here, taking advantage of the landscape for a timelapse using the interval function of the FS7. A very handy feature allowing to mix up the static or slow mo shots with some movement – cloud movement in this case – without the need of carrying an extra camera up the mountain. Even though there are some light cameras out there, just an extra Kg starts to weigh you down after a while. However, for more comlex timelapses where a slower shutter speed was needed the A7s was still king, as the FS7 only goes down to 1/3.



Project: Sound of Kyoto

Short Synopsis: “Sound of Kyoto” is a contemporary audiovisual portrait of the Japanese city. The entire Kyoto is the scenery and the stage on which the music is performed and the city’s voice is heard.

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Kostis Nikolas (Cinematographer, Sound of Kyoto)

Kostis Nikolas (Cinematographer, Sound of Kyoto)

DoP, Camera Operator (Cameraman), Videographer based in London

© Photo by Tatiana Khodova

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