Vladivostok, Russia

Sound of Vladivostok – Teaser is now OUT // An acoustic and visual portrait of the city of Vladivostok


Founded in 1860 as a military post, Vladivostok, Russia’s gateway to Asia in the Far East, has a turn-of-the-century charm. After it had been cut off from the rest of Russia and the world for decades, to protect the Pacific Fleet, the ending of the Cold War allowed the city to open in 1992.
Ranging from the modern landmark of the city, the Zolotoy Bridge, to the tiny musician’s apartment reminiscent of Soviet era and the Tokarevsky Lighthouse at the end of the world where the land ends and the Japan Sea begins; the entire city is the scenery and the stage on which the music is performed and the city’s voice is heard.
Seasonal changes affect the acoustic and visual scenery of the city, especially from winter to spring. The project’s recordings were made in severe weather conditions of up to -15º Celsius at the frozen surface of Peter the Great Gulf and hazardous situations across the icy sea and at the prow of a moving naval vessel.
A wide variety of musicians take part, amongst others, a theremin player, a rapper, eight conductors and 13 music groups encompassing a symphony orchestra, a brass band, Russian traditional instruments, diverse percussion ensembles and choirs. In addition, recorded sounds that represent the distinctive character of the city are harmonically incorporated into the music.


Project: Sound of Vladivostok
Director: Marios Joannou Elia
Filmmaker: Kostis Nikolas
Production Team: Zarya CCA
Participants: Approximately 350 musicians
Collaborators: More than 20 institutions
Teaser Release Date: 25 November 2017
Film Premiere: December 2017
Length: 6 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Format: HD
Social: instagram.com/soundofvladivostok | facebook.com/soundofvladivostok
Kostis Nikolas (Cinematographer | Editor, Sound of Vladivostok)

Kostis Nikolas (Cinematographer | Editor, Sound of Vladivostok)

DoP, Camera Operator (Cameraman), Videographer and Editor based in London

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